Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Price Watch & Update Watch on Firefox

One of the best things about Firefox is its extensions, and I've discovered one so awesome that I'm going to start my inaugural post on it:


For watching prices on any website and for getting updates on websites without RSS...this is the best. I never have to check a store's website to see if the price went down, or check a website over and over to see if there's new content. Alertbox tells me when there's new content.

Compare to UpdateScanner, which is, I admit, a little easier to use, Alertbox is much more specific. UpdateScanner tells you if anything on a website has changed.  But usually, I only care about the price on a website, not about the banners, or the other text, JUST THE PRICE, mon ami!

So after you install Alertbox, you need to do a little something extra.  Highlight the price (or the date, or the post number, anything that will indicate new content), then right click, "add alert" and choose "For changes on clicked element".  Now your browser will work extra hard in the background, checking daily (or minutely, hourly, weekly, etc) to see if there any changes. Whenever there's a change, a little pop-up shows up at the corner, you click on it, and it tells you what's been changed. It save you time & money...and it's free.

ACK!  Price increase!

See when new contests are posted!


Anyone want to see it in action? :D

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