Monday, August 1, 2011

Wee Alternative to Amazon Affiliates?

So I'm using as a URL shortener and for affiliate referrals because it's a PITA to apply to each individual store's affiliate program. In any case, I smell the whiff of doom for the mothership of affiliate programs, a.k.a Amazon. Apparently there are no Amazon affiliates available for these states anymore:

New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island

Who's next?! Dun Dun Dun!

If you're located in any one of these states, I'm guessing can act as the middle man, for now (until the affiliate hammer comes down on wherever it's located). You potentially get less referral money unless you refer like all of your Facebook/Twitter/G+/TheNextBestThingEver friends and beat it into them (metaphorically!) to use it in their tweets and messages :p   

Eh, they also have iTunes and as affiliatatatable merchants if you're into that kindaofthing.

Look, I bought a hand blender, don't you want one too?! Go to and get one! (Actually, it is pretty awesome for smoothies, there are BAGS of frozen fruit in my freezer.)

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