Monday, January 10, 2011

Huge Posters Without the Huge Price

I always see these huge framed prints when I go to Ikea. But the prices sort of corresponds to the size, and I don't necessarily like the huge prints themselves, but just the fact that they're huge is...special.

So I came across this site called Rasterbater. It takes any picture that's on your computer (and if it was in your computer in the first place, THAT''s probably something you'd want as a huge print) and makes it as big as 20 meters in size. It enlarges the picture and cuts it in a way that you can print it out with your home printer. Think tiles, each piece making up the bigger picture.

Rasterbator (not to be confused with the other 'bator')

Confession time. I haven't used it myself (although you can check out their gallery to see how other people have done it) because my printer is always running out of ink, black or color, or both, or some weird combination of both so anything I print in color turns out to be puke green.

A picture in the Rasterbator gallery, the result covers the entire wall!

The next time my printer is full stocked, I'm going to try it with a NASA image, with the colors inverted, just for kicks. :D

That's Earth and the Moon!

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