Sunday, January 16, 2011

Less Clicking, More Time Saved!

...the continuing chronicles of a FireFox fangirl.

All right, I'm very well aware that I am becoming a FireFox fangirl with this blog. But I can't help it, Firefox is awesome with its multitude of helpful and time saving extensions. So once again, I have to sing my praises for a particular extension that's helped to save me from having a worn out click-finger. I would like to present to you....

Gimme, gimme, show me the whole row!
I like to shop and I do a lot of my shopping online, especially the bargins and sales. Everything suddenly looks so much more interesting when it's on sale, right?  But the manic clicking involved takes the fun out of it. Going back and forth, clicking here, clicking there.  Even with the tabs that FireFox offers, there's still lots of clicking going on. Look, this whole row of shirts look interesting, can't I open ALL of them at once instead of clicking on the first one, then clicking back, then clicking on the second one, ad nauseum?

When you have Multi Links installed, it has the feel of real life shopping.

Highlight the whole row with my mouse (in green) and it detects the links (in red).

The individual pages open up for me as tabs, waiting for me to flip through each item. You're browsing through the tabs just like you're browsing through the racks.

All the pages are loaded...less clicking, less waiting for each page to load, get more reading done! :D

Sometimes I see a page that lists all the contests that I want to enter:

One swipe of my mouse and three tabs (one for each contest page) will open up instantaneously. 

Now I just have to cross my fingers and wish for luck!

What I like about this is I spend less time clicking here and clicking there. I click and highlight all the links I want opened, and they open simultaneously. With my DSL line, that means when I'm done looking at one tab, the other tabs are already there, waiting for me to read. If you ask me, this shouldn't be just a Firefox extension, the function should be built in. Download it here!

Happy browsing! :D


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

hmmm, i use firefox all the time and i wasn't aware of this, thanks for sharing!

Judy H said...

Eep! My first comment :D Thanks for stopping by, hope you're enjoying the extension!